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The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler Shipping Community!

About the Community
ten_n_tyler is a community dedicated to the relationship The 10th Doctor, as played by David Tennant shared with his companion Rose Tyler as played by Billie Piper. This community is for fans of Ten and Rose only! Please note that membership to the community is carefully moderated!
If you find that this community is not for you, then please feel free to visit either time_and_chips or oh_she_knows, as both these communities focus on the Doctor/Rose relationship as a whole!
Community Rules
1. This community is focused on the Ten and Rose relationship. Any and all Ten/Rose content is welcome. All fanfics and videos shippy or Gen, must focus on the Ten/Rose relationship.

2. All posts must be tagged. The tags of the community can be viewed on the main page of the community. (Don't just create new tags, it's probably easiest if you edit the tags in after you've posted. If you think we need a new tag, get in touch with the mods!)

3. Adults only/Not Work Safe (NSFW) text and images must be placed behind an lj-cut and clearly labelled. Please set R rated content to "Adult Concepts" and NC-17 rated content to "Explicit Adult Content". If you see a post that is incorrectly labelled/marked, then please get in touch with the mods before flagging - it's easier for us to solve the problem than to wait until LJ receives however many complaints and acts on it.

4. Anything with SPOILERS must be posted behind an lj-cut with a clear warning. Currently assume anything up until the end of series 4 is fine to post uncut. News about future developments (if they are relevant) must be cut.

5. Members are encouraged to post as many icons and graphics as they want. However if you are posting more than three photos/and or icons please place the rest behind an LJ cut. LJ-cut goes as follows: [*lj-cut text="link goes here..."]{pictures/longer text/fic}[*/lj-cut]. (Just remove the stars and replace the [] for <> for a successful cut.)

6. Fanfic must also go beneath a cut with header information (title, rating, disclaimer, etc) on the outside.

7. No flaming, personal attacks, trolling or being nasty to other members. Debate is fine, insults aren't.

8. No character bashing. Whether it's Sarah Jane, Reinette, Martha or anyone else it's unacceptable. You don't have to love the character and it might be on topic to discuss your dislike of the character, but no insults. To clarify: "Character X is not a very well developed character because of Y so I can't really like them" is acceptable (if it's on topic) but "Character X sucks" is not, as an example.

9. Spellcheck and preview your post, please!

10. For a more detailed description of our fanvid/fanmix policy go here.
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Doctor Who and all associated characters and situations belong to the BBC (with any Daleks that pop up belonging to the Nation Estate). This community is made entirely out of love and we neither claim to be canon nor are we making any money from this.
shinyopals and myannarose.

We will be keeping a close eye on the community but if there are any problems we should be contacted. General issues with the community, posters causing trouble or if you feel you were unfairly declined membership, we're your first point of contact.

Use the Page-a-Mod service and comment here. Or email us on:

shinyopals can be contacted at sweet.opal.fruits @ gmail.com
myannarose can be contacted at alyssaroseanne @ sky.com

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